Kevin's Traveling Touch

Swedish Full-body Massage
This massage uses a lighter touch and incorporates gliding strokes parallel to the muscle fiber and kneading of the muscle fiber.  A very relaxing massage and not to deep of pressure. 

Deep Tissue & Sports Massage
Starts off with a light warm-up and then more pressure is applied for those super tight muscles and the muscle groups laying deeper within the body.   Often includes stretching.

Trigger Point
Over-used muscles often store tension in the form of a “trigger point”. Pressure can be applied to alleviate localized pain and any pain that radiates to other areas of the body.  Initially can be slightly painful or uncomfortable but often results in a longer lasting pain free condition. 

Pregnancy Massage
Extra bolstering is used to support the body in a supine or side-lying position.  Depending on the Trimester and the presence of swelling, many areas are worked with a lighter pressure.  

On-site Chair Massage  ** Requires advance planning. This service can be difficult to fit into the schedule, unless booked up to a month in advance.
Corporate events, parties, business co-marketing opportunities, and social events