Kevin's Traveling Touch

Do I have to get fully undressed? 

ANSWER = No.  Undress to your comfort level.  You will be draped at all times.  Only those areas of the body being worked on will be exposed.  At a minimum, the female breasts, the gluteus cleavage, and the genitalia of both genders will be draped at all times.

Can I just have certain areas worked on if I don’t want the full-body? 

ANSWER = Yes.  The massage can be tailored to your needs. Please indicate any areas you’d like avoided on the Client In-Take Form. Keep in mind my massage is connective as I believe the body is connected. I flow from one muscle group to the next. I won't spend an entire hour on just the neck and shoulders, or, just the feet, etc.

Can I stop the massage if I don’t like it?  Do I still have to pay? 

ANSWER = Yes.  You may always stop the massage at any time.  Whether or not any payment is owed will be dependent upon why the session is being terminated.  Generally, I will not ask for any payment if you are not satisfied with the work I’m doing.  We would discuss any money owed on a case by case basis.  Again, I do reserve the right to terminate the session for any sexual advance  (verbal or physical) made by the customer.